How Lush!!!

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things...

Thursday, August 31, 2006


opening the back door to find a little froggy frog staring up at me! Screaming and getting matt to shoo it away - how silly!

Back in our bed, love the bed fo comfyness.. after 17 days away from it, sob sob!

August thanks!

August is no more, almost and it's time to be thankful for the past month for which i haven't been around to blog for...

* Ali, Jen and kate moving to oak hill and us getting to see them lots more!

* The blessing of Gods financial provision, beyond what we need or deserve

* How very much we loved being with Taskforce all last week on Contagious, seeing their faith in Christ, joyful willingness to serve in very practical ways, to learn to lead bible studies, to be very kind and loving and obedient, to carry one anothers burdens as a team, to get stuck into the bible, to sell sweets and books enthusiastically, to make scrummy toasties, to eat together, to perform on stage, to put up with digs and jokes about being slaves to the leaders, to put up with us trying to take on our new role and be not brilliantly organised and sometimes stressy, not relaxed, forgetful or unclear, to go to bed when asked, to get dirty looks from people as they woke them up each morning, to break records in chair putting away and out-ness, to nearly fall out of punts, to put up with slow cycling, to sing mary had a little lamb (badly), to get injured in sports, to struggle on with colds, sore throats etc, to cope with not much sleep, to take feedback well, etc etc etc!!!

* Lots of engagements in hull!

* Finding out that God has decided to bring lovely Rachel Wyatt to the street that church is on to be in 1st yr kings halls! AMAZING!

* Being overwhelmed with love for fellow believers, on camps, and at home in church

* Mum and dad booking a hot air balloon ride - WHAT?!!!

* Clive and Shireens 2 yr wedding anniversary on monday

* Mum and dads 30th coming up - hence the hot air balloon ride

* Dan and ally moving here on saturday

* Ralf and Julia's wedding on saturday

* Alix finding a lush flat near church!

*Alix helping me with holiday club decorations

* Holiday club team and opportunities to teach the kids the gospel!

* 3 meals out this next wk at Xian's houses! yay for hospitality!

* Being better this year at Sarock dancing

* Having starbucks vouchers

*Seeing Helena, Alison, Emma and my bro on Contagious

* Yuri getting her students visa

* the puppets in hull being named after us - what an honour - we live on!

* God sustaining us physically through 2 camps and a holiday club

* meatballs and spaghetti!

* hair colour and cut!

* shopping for some new clothes and realising Primark rocks for buying pj's and girl boxers! just £1.50 per pair!

* A new Jodi Picoult novel to devour

* Babies on the way or arriving at church!! Well at the hospital probably, though you never know...

* Girls aloud member living in the posh flats opposite church - very exciting!

* Thierry henry living round the corner

* cherries and strawberries

* refreshment spiritually in love and passion for delighting in and enjoying God, praying to him and reading His Word

* Really coming to think through 'dating', going out etc and realising how worldy it is in it's values, how it's almost a light entertainement that teenies enter into, heart breaking left right and centre. Realising theres a new generation who are seeking to be godly and right in this and may therefore go against the culture and not make the mistakes we did.

* God working to produce great joy in our hearts and the hearts of those we've been with this summer

* A late night chat to my abi

Much more i cannot think of...

but how lush!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Praying well with one another at staff prayers this morning

Through Tiredness, knowing and experiencing Gods sustaining us as we work hard for him.

Our new laptop - may it last long in it's use for ministry

Colin Buchanan cd - remeber the Lord - I love it! Why wasn't there anything like this around when i was a kid!

Meeting Alix at starbucks to spend the starbucks vouchers i've been kindly given!

Visiting Jean to make her smile on her birthday

... How lush!

Monday, August 14, 2006


Back to the land of technology after a lovely break away from it! Did i miss it - no!

God is so gracious in giving us times to rest, on holiday, great weather and a beautiful place to appreciate his creation. And for the opportunity to go on a fabulous, totally sold out for Jesus and his gospel, camp. Taunton 2 was a real joy, no filtering out of any dodgy teahing to be done, just total authority of the bible in doctrine and in life. And God choosing to save some through it!

How lush!