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Monday, August 13, 2007

N.B 365

Wow - can't believe God has helped me to manage to log a whole year, a whopping 365 days on this blog of thankfulness. Yay! Some days it was really hard to be thankful for anything and i've seen what an unthankful spirit i have. In the new testament letters we are so often encouraged to be thankful as this seems to be a secret of godliness and enjoyment of God and of perseverence as a Christian. i am glad i know this secret. I will miss doing this blog but pray i will remain a thankful girlie!

Final things to be thankful for - God you have totally been with me through this year, totally helped me and worked in me and with me, even when i am stubborn. You have shown me again your deep love for me, your faithfulness to me and your forgiveness on offer for me in Jesus Christ, for me deep selfish sin and disobedience of you. Thank you; and goodnight.


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